Water Line Insurance

by Nate Hoffelder

A web designer by day, Nate has a lot of experience in writing about tech and marketing, but only a little experience in remodeling a house. This blog chronicles the lessons Nate learns while fixing up a duplex in Clendenin, WV.

February 27, 2023

Here’s something not everyone knows about plumbing: A lot of water companies have insurance covering water and sewer lines. Signing up for the insurance can save you a lot of money.

One of the things I didn’t mention in my update from Saturday was how I had had a contractor come out to give me an estimate and also patch the water pipes.

The contractor ended up not being able to do anything with the plumbing. It turns out that the water line is in such bad shape that it is literally unrepairable, and needs to be completely replaced. (Given the state of the house, I would not be surprised if that was the original water line put in when the house was built in 1950.)

I had previously gotten a quote of $13k to completely replace the water and sewer lines from end to end (from the meter to the fixtures). I balked at paying because the plumber hadn’t told me why it was necessary (the plumber did not share any details), but as it turns out, the work is actually required.

And if I am lucky, I won’t have to pay for all of it.

I was reminded today that my water company offers insurance which covers repairs and even replacement of a water or sewer line. The reason I know this is that about 15 years ago, my mother used that insurance to replace the water line at her house.

I signed up for the insurance today, and expect that it will save me a lot of money in the long run.

If you are a property owner, you should do the same.

This blog was launched in order to share one newbie home buyer’s experience in buying and remodeling a wreck of a house.

Like the house itself, this blog is a work in progress.

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